The Band


“…The indie rock trio (WaveRadio) took first place at last year’s Beta Hi Fi competition at World Cafe Live thanks their full, cinematic style…”–Julie Miller WXPN The Key 1/30/2015 Full Article: Tonight’s Concert Picks

“WaveRadio took the stage first, and immediately established themselves as the act to beat. The West Chester band has an impressively full sound for only being a three-piece – James McGlaughlin plays a pair of keyboards in the Ray Manzarek style, where the left hand carries the high lead melodies and the right hand runs the baseline…Considerably better were their originals, which incorporated some of that Doors-y sense of wandering psychedelia but was probably more in line with the buoyant pop of Jukebox the Ghost and the cinematic anthems of fun. Colin McGetrick has a dynamic voice; Chris Cotter’s drumming is uptempo and on point.” –John Vettese, WXPN the Key 8/25/2014, Full Article: WaveRadio, RFA take Top Honors at Beta Hi Fi Philly

“Undoubtedly the next big thing out of Philly… Sweeping atmospheric melodies, deep soul searing lyrics and without a doubt the tightest, most epic sound from a three piece band since U2.” – Kevin McQuiston, WCHE Radio

“It’s (WaveRadio, by WaveRadio) memories in melodies that roll like roadside hills.  Songs are shadowy, tinged with grey but able to punch through powerfully.  It’s raw rock that’s been polished with a cloth dipped in motor oil.” –Nikki Volpicelli, Philadelphia Area Music Showcase

Colin McGetrick: Vocals & Guitar

Many of the songs on WaveRadio’s evocative and introspective debut album originated from Colin’s back catalogue of unfinished compositions.  Collaborating with James and Chris gave him the perfect opportunity to finish what he started, taking each song to the next level while integrating his imaginative guitar stylings and melodic range of earnest vocalizations.  With album number two in view, Colin continues writing music when he’s not busy delivering soulful and captivating performances with WaveRadio.


jamesJames McLaughlin: Keyboards

The etherial soundscapes, booming bass lines and classic keys heard on WaveRadio’s debut are all results of James’s innovative approach to playing keyboard centric instruments.  His collaboration with Chris and Colin has provided a newly discovered avenue for his song craft, sonic experimentation, writing and performance.  James’s enveloping sounds with WaveRadio are as entrancing live as they are on the album.


cotterChris Cotter: Drums

The pulsing engine of the band, Chris Cotter, drives the thunderous grooves and creative rhythms behind the tracks on WaveRadio’s first album.  Working with James and Colin, he has found a way to incorporate his writing and unique drumming style into a truly rhythmic and vastly dynamic band.   Chris gives a fully charged powerful performance every time WaveRadio plays.  With the second album on the horizon, Chris is readying his ship, TribeSound Records for another epic recording schedule with WaveRadio.