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WaveRadio was nominated for Philadelphia’s Liberty Music Fest 2013!

When:  Friday Night  8/16.  Set time: 11:00 – 11:45PM (get there early as we may run ahead of schedule)
Where:  The Legendary Dobbs.  Upstairs stage.  304 South St.  Philadelphia

We are excited to announce that we’ve been selected to perform in this years Liberty Music Fest at The Legendary Dobbs!  This is quite an honor for us as some of the very best new bands in the country will be performing as well.  This is sure to be our biggest show to date so don’t miss this one!  Calling all troops from West Chester, DE and Philly – lets do this!

For more information on the Liberty Music Fest 2013  –

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Music Video Release Party Is Officially Set

When:  Saturday 8/17/2013 @10:00 PM
Where: The Social Lounge 118 W Gay Street, West Chester PA

Don’t miss the release of WaveRadio’s very first music video. Directed by Joshua Coyne and produced along with Joe Acchione, this is a true collaboration between Tribesound Productions and Mr. Robot Mouse. The shoot took about 20 hours between the Friday evening of May 31 through Sunday June 2nd. We had one hell of a good time tromping through weeds, setting off various explosive devises, ripping around in fast cars and lighting fires on the hottest weekend yet to date. Having only seen a sneak peak at just a fragment of the raw footage so far, we can’t wait to share our first full viewing experience with you all! Please join us for the premier screening followed up with a few sets of live music on this very special occasion.

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The New Site is Here

Thanks to website designer and graphics guru Robert Marley, we have this beautiful new website here. Please bookmark us and stay up on all of the new WaveRadio happenings and announcements!

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World Cafe Live Showcase

Last night’s WCL showcase was brimming with talent, skill and passion. We are baffled by our win. Thank you Philly Rising for such a great opportunity to share a stage with some of the most exciting performers from the Philadelphia area to NYC. It was a treat.

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Vote on Gashouse Radio

THANKS TO YOUR VOTES, we made it to regular rotation @GashouseRadio !!!! Thank you for all the love and support!


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